Metal Detector
Metal Detector is typically employed to detect weapons, gold, or any other metal. This detector is a probe that emits a buzzer and lights up a lead, or any other signaling device to show the presence of metal. This is very effective and safe too. 
Entrance Control System
Entrance Control System recognises and allows a person's admission into the property, providing total protection and ensuring the system's security. It uses a card or magnetic stripe that may be accessed by swiping through a reader on the door. This is very easy to install and safe to use. 
Transformer Winding Resistance Meter
The transformer Winding Resistance Meter contains two resistance channels and one current channel. The instrument is effectively shielded against inductive kickbacks caused by the inductive windings and provides consistent readings on diverse transformer types. This is safe to use. 

Testing Meter
The phrase counts and digits are used to characterize the resolution of a Testing Meter, or how precise a measurement it can produce. Because of their capacity to measure with improved accuracy, dependability, and enhanced impedance, they have long since supplanted needle-based analog metres.
Liquid Insulator Test Kit and System
Liquid Insulator Test Kit System can also work as acoustic dampening media in power equipment such as transformers. This system is checked under various parameters to ensure its high quality and effectiveness. This is very effective and economical to use. 

Stator And Motor Testing Meter
Stator and Motor Testing Meter ensure that the insulating resistance of a de-energized motor decreases once the motor is started. This is very effective and safe to utilize. Motor testing evaluates a motor's integrity by using computer-assisted equipment or tools to track trends within the motor.

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